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Equine and Equestrian Photography, Equine Fine Art, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont



Equine an Equestrian, Horse Photography in Massachusetts, New England


Select the session that best fits your vision. Each session is customized for you and your horse. Not sure which session is right for you?  Contact Beth and she will help guide you.

Equine an Equestrian, Horse Photography in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island


Book your consultation and design your session. Let's talk about your dream photoshoot, down to the tack your horse will wear and your clothes. Imagination is our only limitation.

Horse Photography in Massachusetts


Photoshoot day! Before your session, Beth with send you a preparation guide so you and your horse will be confident, relaxed and excited on the day of your photo shoot.

Equine, Equestrian and Horse Custom Photography, Wall Art and Print Products


Design your wall art and choose your digitals. After your session you will schedule a meeting in person or online with Beth. With ideas we discussed during your consultation, we will create beautiful artwork for your home, barn or office.


$95 from every session is donated to horse or equine sanctuaries or rescues

Session fees do not include print products or digitals

Equine Fine Art

Studio Portraiture

Equine Fine Art sessions are your horse's time to shine. During this session we will capture your horse's most beautiful angles, curves and unique features. To achieve the most controlled, flattering light, Beth will photograph your horse in her mobile studio right in your barn aisle or indoor arena. You can choose to have your horse captured in front of a classic dramatic black background or modern and clean high key white. Images can also be edited as painterly masterpieces to match your interior.

Session Fee: $495 per horse

Add on a horse: $195

5 horses or more: $395 per horse

10 or more horses: $195 per horse

Equine and Equestrian

You and your Horse

There are hardly words to describe how much your horse means to you. Equine and Equestrian sessions capture the deep connection and love that you share. At a location of your choice or suggested by Beth, we will photograph you and your horse unmounted and mounted. Beth will pose you and your horse in ways that will encourage genuine moments to unfold.  Whether you are sharing a snuggle, cantering against golden light or laughing at a big horse yawn, Beth will capture those moments and everything in between.

Session fee: $495

Add on Equine Fine Art session: $495

Add on horse: $195

Equine Fine Art Session, Epona Media
Equine and Equestrian Portaits, Epona Media

Celebration of Life

End of Life Memories

It is incredibly difficult to say farewell or receive a terminal diagnoses of your horse. The Celebration of Life session is dedicated to honoring your horse. Beth will photograph your favorite moments with your beloved equine, and capture your horse's unique features and personality.  Together we will create images and preserve your memories of your precious equine.

This session includes the Equine and Equestrian portrait session for you and your horse, and an Equine Fine Art session.

$195 of this session is donated to horse sanctuaries or rescues.

Available for horses over 22 years of age, or are terminally ill

Session fee: $895

Celebration of Life, End of Life Horse Photo Session


Art Design Session

Memories you can hold

You know that warm feeling that your horse gives you when he greets you at the gate or whinnies to you? Imagine having that feeling every time you walk into your home upon seeing your artwork. In 1-2 weeks following your photography session, you will meet with Beth at your convenience, either in your home, barn, or online to design your custom art pieces of your horse. Beth offers a wide variety of museum quality print products that are hand made in the United States or Italy, right down to the paper. Whether you'd like an album of all of your favorite images, a hand stretched and brushed canvas or a framed fine art print to match your home, together you will design art pieces that you will adore.

Investment: Art pieces begin at $400

Most clients spend $1500+

Handmade canvas
Handmade, brushed canvas, framed
Movable Canva2.jpg

Digital Images

Web Sized and High Resolution

Beth knows how exciting it is to share your beautiful horse's new photos online. High Resolution Digital Files are available for purchase after your artwork investment. The photo files are shareable online and printable at any photo processing company of your choice. The digital files will be delivered to you in a custom online album where you can download and share them from. We encourage you to download your images as soon as possible and save them in multiple places. Though we backup your files for safety, your online gallery is available online for only 3 months.

Digital images are for personal use only, and require a separate commercial contract and fee. In addition, altering digital files in any way, including adding filters, photoshopping, cropping logo, is considered copyright infringement.

6 High resolution printable files: $1250

All files from your session: $1895

Equine Photography, Wall Art, Digital Images
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