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Why "Epona" Media?

I'm Beth Chadbourne, the owner of Epona Media, formerly Pictorial Tales Photography (2019-2024). After I rescued my first horse, Khali (pictured), my eyes were opened to how much emotional, physical, and financial means are involved in helping a larger number of these amazing animals. I wanted to find a way to give back to rescues and sanctuaries that help horses who so desperately are in need.  


Thus, Epona Media was born. Epona is the Gaulish (Celtic) goddess of equines. Epona was, and is, considered a protector of horses and horse owners, ensuring their well-being. I am no goddess, but I hope to invoke Epona's essence by helping sanctuaries and rescues to assist horses and equines in need. $95 of every session and $195 of Celebration of Life sessions goes directly to horse rescues and sanctuaries. Helping horses and creating physical artwork for horse owners is my way of honoring my beloved rescued mare.

Photography, Horses, and Music

I've always chosen careers that allowed me to use my emotional sensitivity.  Before I became a photographer, I was a professional flutist.  Playing in an ensemble is much like equine photography. A musician constantly has to be aware of their surroundings with ears, eyes, and heart completely open. Capturing horses is quite similar. Horses are music, and I am the conductor, encouraging their finest moments. By specific posing, I set the stage. With quiet patience, those special, genuine, moments between you and your horse unfold. Using those sentimental images to create a tangible piece of art is so much like recording music. It is a memory that can be revisited deeply by your senses. 

Timing is also so important in music and in photography. Whether you are riding a dressage test, jumping an oxer, or sharing a quiet snuggle at sunset with your horse, you can trust that your perfect moment will not be missed. 

Coming soon:  I will be combining my passion for music and horses by offering dressage freestyle music.

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Beth Chadbourne and Khali of Epona Media, Owner and Photographer, Equine and Equestrian Photography in New England
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